It can happen wherever there’s self storage. An operator opens a facility to help people through difficult transitions or free up space in their homes, but there are those who take advantage of what they can keep behind closed doors at a facility.

If it hasn’t happened to your facility, you’ve probably heard stories about tenants storing illegal items or hiding counterfeit operations in their unit. The Herald out of Sharon, Pa., for example, recently reported that police in Hermitage, Pa., arrested a couple who used stolen identities to buy 20 gallons of paint and nearly 30,000 t-shirts, which they kept in two self storage units in the area.

Across the pond, the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK) is working on a new initiative with law enforcement agencies to prevent that kind of activity from happening. The program is called Tick Box. It lays out a standard of practices for the self storage industry to ensure proper storage is taking place.

In Tick Box’s code of practice, self storage facilities commit to: read more of this post at,

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